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The Bee Hub - An Integrative Platform for Pollinator Health Data

February 3, 2020

At BeeLife, we are working to bring new tools and opportunities to the table to reach improved ways to tackle the bee health crisis. We are currently developing The Bee Hub, a Big Data approach to improve our understanding of pollinator diversity and threats in Europe. We are aiming to achieve a platform that includes any relevant data linked to pollinators, especially bees (but not necessarily restricted to bees). Today, we publish the first step on its development, made available online at www.bee-hub.org.

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A CAP for Pollinators - BeeLife's proposals for the future of agriculture and pollinators in Europe

January 28, 2020

BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination proposes key measures within the new CAP to help provide better conditions for pollinators. We also recommend how pollinators can become even stronger allies for agriculture and help measure policy efficacy.

Emergency authorisations Romania Jan 202

Neonicotinoid-Ban Derogations Limited, But Still Persist in Romania

January 24, 2020

Six consecutive years passed in which the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development granted emergency authorisations for the use of neonicotinoid-coating treatment for seeds of sunflower, maize, rapeseed and sugar beet crops. In 2020, the Ministry has issued a new temporary authorisation for the use neonicotinoids for maize crops. BeeLife supports Romapis and Romanian beekeepers in rejecting the continuation of emergency authorisations for the use of neonicotinoid insecticides in maize crops.





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