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BeeLife is a European NGO working for a brighter future for bees and pollinators, improving their protection and their collaboration in our agricultural system.



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NGOs Ask the Council of the EU to Improve Work on Environment and Climate in the Next CAP

November 5, 2019

15 NGOs (including BeeLife) have come together to ask the president of the Agricultural and Fisheries Council, of the Council of the European Union, to improve the ongoing work on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) regarding the environment and climate issues. The CAP reform is still under negotiation, and the Council can vastly improve future measures for the protection of the environment and biodiversity.

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A CAP for Pollinators - BeeLife's proposals for the future of agriculture and pollinators in Europe

December 4, 2019

BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination proposes key measures within the new CAP to help provide better conditions for pollinators. We also recommend how pollinators can become even stronger allies for agriculture and help measure policy efficacy.

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No More Derogations to the European Neonicotinoid Ban in Romania

December 10, 2019

Emergency authorisations of banned neonicotinoids are a great challenge that beekeepers and their bees must face in several countries of the EU. Some states are continuously providing emergency authorisations, thus worsening conditions for their beekeepers and the state of nature. The case of Romania is particularly troubling. BeeLife stands in solidarity with Romanian beekeepers and rejects the actions of the Romanian government.


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