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Fields of action

BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination is dedicated to the conservation, protection and sustainable development of beekeeping and pollination across Europe. Our projects focus on preserving and protecting the vital role that bees play in the environment.

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BeeLife takes a vigilant role in several aspects closely linked to the health of bees, pollinators in general and biodiversity in Europe. We focus on:

  • Pesticides regulation, its implementation and its effects.

  • The future of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

BeeLife's work on these issues includes direct contact with other stakeholders and its members, as well as preparing publications for authorities and the general public.

The importance of pollinators is a concern for all citizens who depend on a healthy environment and sustainable agriculture. BeeLife helps spread the word through:

  • Civil Campaigns through the Save the Bees Coalition and other joint efforts from civil society.

  • Support to European Citizen Initiatives (ECIs) such as "Stop Glyphosate" or the Save Bees and Farmers ECI.

  • Raising awareness of the importance of pollinators and their relation to biodiversity and food security.

  • Co-organising the European Bee and Pollination Week at the European Parliament.


Helping shape the future

Thanks to the expertise of its team and its close link to the beekeeping world, BeeLife is able to provide significant insights and analysis of current and future European policies through:


  • Active engagement as a registered stakeholder in the EU Bee Partnership dynamised by the European Food Safety Authority.

  • Participation in Civil Dialogue Groups in the European Commission.

  • Direct contact with European policymakers, providing the necessary information to create a safer environment for pollinators and ourselves.

BeeLife also actively participates in innovations for bee and pollinator health.

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