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The EU Pollinator Hub

The EU Pollinator Hub is a new milestone in efforts to improve the sharing of harmonised and standardised data on pollinators. It builds on existing features of the EU Bee Partnership (EUBP) Prototype Platform, to centralise existing information related to bee health and to further develop its features and content. The new platform, financed by EFSA will be fully operational by 2024. It will include automatic translation, making it a useful tool for a diverse range of practitioners.

Beekeeper at Work

Call for Collaboration

Several organisations, European and national projects, and the EU Bee Partnership are already committed to supplying data for the platform, would you like to join them?

Are you involved in a national or a European project, where data related to pollinators are produced? Your organisation has a lot of data and you would be interested in sharing it?

Are you a professional beekeeper and would like to see your data visualised on an interactive map? *


We are open to different collaborations be it data providing, technological or monetary contributions.


Contact us to explore how you can support and benefit from collaborating with us on the development of the platform.


*Please note that the ownership of the data stays with its provider with full rights to any modification. The platform only serves as a database with a visual interface, but not taking any rights regarding the ownership of the data.

The interactive map

The core of the platform is the interactive map. Data is made accessible to the users by visualising it on this map. Users will be able to select and filter different parameters including winter mortality, varroa infestation, readings from digital monitoring systems, socioeconomic data relevant for beekeeping, etc..

Potentially the platform will include predictions such as pollination efficiency and yield predictions for beekeeping products.

The ultimate objective of the project is that when a provider uploads its own data, it will get automatically processed and visualised.

Project Partners

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Project coordination and communication

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Data analyses, visualisation and communication

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Data acquisition and validation

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Platform design and design implementation

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