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EU Bee Partnership Operational Platform

​After developing the Bee Hub Proof of Concept and the EU Bee Partnership (EUBP) Prototype Platform on Bee Health, the EUBP Operational Platform project (coordinated by BeeLife) was launched in 2022.

The overall aim of the 2 year project is to help beekeepers, scientists, and farmers with openly accessible data related to bees and pollinators.

The project responds to the needs identified and called for by the EU Bee Partnership

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EU Bee Lovers

The EU Bee Lovers is a promotion project (2022-2024) supported by the European Commission to raise awareness about the importance of bees, pollinators, the importance of bee-friendly farming, and the consumption of European honey.

Past projects
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BeeLife led the development of the EU Bee Partnership Prototype Platform on Bee Health. A new online platform to centralise and visualise data related to pollinators. The platform is inspired on BeeLife's original platform development, The Bee Hub. 

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BeeLife was a partner of the EU-funded project The Internet of Bees (IoBee) (2017-2020).

The project aimed at​ disrupting the beehive digital monitoring market by developing and improving cutting-edge digital monitoring systems for beehives and pollinators, paired with a spatial decision support system (SDSS).