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You can help us continue our activities for the future of bees and other pollinators. From advocacy to innovation, your donation allows us to pursue a safer and pollinator-friendly environment.

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Or donate by bank transfer:

Beneficiary: BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination

IBAN: BE 92 0688 9824 8723 



VAT No: BE 0540.608.912.
RPM Nivelles

BeeLife is a nonprofit partner of 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a global organisation leading a network of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals working together for a healthy planet. Launched in 2002 its network consists of more than 1,100 member companies and thousands of approved nonprofit partners in more than 40 countries. 


Brands whose products and services feature the 1% for the Planet logo, give 1% of sales annually to nonprofit organisations dedicated to protecting the environment. This partnership has greatly expanded the potential pool of funding to which BeeLife can look for support.

Please contact us for further information about how you can support BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination through 1% for the Planet.

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