A CAP for Pollinators

Eine GAP für Bestäuber

Una PAC per gli impollinatori

Una PAC para los Polinizadores

Une PAC pour les pollinisateurs

Position Paper on CAP post 2020

Why We Need Bees as Indicators in the Next CAP

How Pesticides Used in Livestock Farming Threaten Bees

Comment les pesticides utilisés dans les élevages menacent les abeilles

Ideal Shaping of the EU Pollinator Initiative

Bee Emergency Call

CAP and Pollinators

When Science and Biodiversity Meet Economic Interests

Quando Scienza e Biodiversità 
Incontrano Interessi Economici

Quand la science et la protection de la biodiversité rencontrent des intérêts économiques

Cuando la Ciencia y la Protección de la Biodiversidad se Encuentran con Intereses Económicos

Wenn Wissenchaft und der Schutz der Biodiversität auf Wirtschaftliche Interessen stossen

Bees and Agriculture

BeeLife Activity Report 2019

BeeLife Rapport d'Activité 2019

BeeLife Activity Report 2014

BeeLife Activity Report 2015

Struggle for the Implementation of New Pesticide Assessment Methods with Regards to Bees The Truth behind the Excuses

Bee-Friendly Plant Breeding

Tactics Used by Agro-Chemical Industries to Impose and Maintain Harmful Pesticides on the Market

Neonicotinoids and Water

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