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FAQ on neonicotinoids: harmful insecticides for bees

Share and follow a discussion on neonicotinoids on the beekeeping exchange group of the TECA Forum. TECA is a platform from the FAO where you can find practical information on agricultural technologies and practices. The Beekeeping Exchange Group has been created in collaboration with the International Federation of Beekeepers Associations (APIMONDIA).

These are examples of questions that have been discussed on the Forum.

1. What are neonicotinoids? On which crops are they used? What are some of the commercial names of pesticides available on the market that contain neonicotinoids? Why are they dangerous for bees?

2. Why are neonicotinoids a threat to ecological health? What do they do to bees?

3. Which main steps contributed to the partial ban decided on 29 April 2013?

4. What does the ban mean and when will it enter into force and until when? Does it mean that nobody in Europe can use pesticides containing the 3 banned active substances?

5. How will farmers be able to protect their crops now from harmful pest ? Will the ban lead to reduced yields and food availability in Europe ?

6. Role of European Citizens and NGOs in getting the ban approved (petitions, letters written by citizens to Ministers, etc.).

7. What alternatives are available for farmers?

8. Are these pesticides only used in Europe or also in other parts of the world? Do they also harm bees in those parts of the world ?

9. How to ensure a better future and decrease the use of bee harming pesticides in our environment?

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