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Scientific Symposium - Bee Week 2018

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

The Bee Week at the European Parliament is coming up. Stakeholders from all over Europe are joining together to discuss and try to envisage a better future for pollinators. This year, the agenda includes the already traditional scientific symposium, organised by the European Food Safety Authority. EFSA and other co-organisers of the Bee week, including BeeLife, are inviting all interested parties to join the symposium. Last year, attendees renewed their commitment to working together, showing significant progress and a willingness to cooperate for the future of pollinators. However, efforts must continue, and this year a new discussion and new commitments await. Last year, interventions by policymakers, scientists, beekeepers, NGOs and industry, led to building up an EU Bee Health Partnership. On this occasion, the Bee Partnership's Terms of Reference will be unveiled to the public. They are the outcome of the several months of work of EFSA’s stakeholder Bee Discussion Group, of which BeeLife is a member.

Scientific Symposium, Bee Week 2017

Date: 26 June 2018. Registration: More information at

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