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A Future for Bees and People

"A Future for Bees and People" lists the steps we must take if we are to develop “pollinator-friendly farming” : a countryside where bees, pollinators and wildlife can thrive and prosper, while maintaining our food production. We urgently need:

- A dramatic reduction of chemical and pesticide inputs to farmland.

- More sustainable farming techniques like: crop rotation, the use of pest-resistant crop varieties, and the creation of ecologically-diverse landscapes, rich in pollinators, birds and wildlife.

- Friendly co-operation between researchers, farmers and beekeepers, in order to develop truly resilient food production systems.

- Pesticides arriving to the market need to be safe. Therefore, their risk to human beings, animals, and the environment needs to be assessed in a comprehensive way and avoiding any influence of pesticide producers.

Join us so we together can develop genuinely Pollinator Friendly Farming for Europe.

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