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483 Organizations from across Europe, Ask the European Parliament to Stop TTIP

A few days before the European Parliament returns to vote on the initiative report on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), 483 civil society organizations from across Europe, comprising the Stop-TTIP Alliance, are asking Members of European Parliament (MEPs) to vote against the TTIP in an open letter. The letter has been signed by the Stop-TTIP Alliance in each Member State.

The European Parliament was expected to vote on the TTIP on June 10 but the debate and the vote were postponed after more than 200 amendments to the agreement were put forward. The European Parliament will thus vote next Wednesday, 8 July on the TTIP resolution.

The Stop-TTIP Alliance expresses civil society’s views: today 2.3 million people are demanding the negotiations on TTIP be stopped. Bee Life, member of the Alliance strongly support a comprehensive refusal of the TTIP, which will open space for unfriendly environment for bees in Europe.

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