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Pesticides: WHAT'S NEXT?

When farming or gardening, the fear of - insects, weeds, diseases, loss of yields - can lead to the use of pesticides.

On the market, a variety of treatments are available: spray, seed coating, granule... Despite lower doses, the toxicity of pesticides remain increasingly high, and their modes of action are quiet sophisticated: neonicotinoids, for example, are insecticides - absorbed by plants to kill insects that would otherwise eat them.

However, chemical control is not a long-term sustainable solution. Pesticides lead to insect and weed resistance, loss of biodiversity, environmental pollution and effects on human health...

We can therefore wonder: what comes after sprayed pesticides and products such as neonicotinoids?

Are pesticides going to be even more insidious or are we going towards a farming where Human beings work in synergy with Nature and don’t harm it. Avoiding and managing insects, diseases and weeds with healthy and environmentally friendly farming practices favors life…

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