The IPol-ERA project has officially started

BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination is one of the 7 partners working on the IPol-ERA project which officially started on 7 September, financed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The project consortium involves partners from Belgium, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Sweden and is coordinated by the Aarhus University from Denmark.

The overarching objective of the project, which will run for 10 months, is to contribute to the further advancement of the environmental risk assessment (ERA) of chemicals for insect pollinators, in order to address current risk assessment challenges and ensure preparedness for future challenges.

The project will develop a roadmap that will provide a guide for the transition process from a single substance, single-use ERA to a systems approach ERA for insect pollinators. To develop the roadmap, tried and tested approaches from social sciences will be used for ensuring stakeholder engagement and scoping the issues and creating a targeted consensus for the main directions.

BeeLife is leading the work on identifying the most relevant communication channels and tools for disseminating the information gathered within IPol-ERA with EFSA’s partners and other actors in the field.