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Proposals to Improve the Protection of Pollinators: The Pollinator Index and Eco-Scheme (Factsheets)

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Pollinators, not only bees but other species as well, are essential allies to maintain a sustainable and productive food production system as well as resilient ecosystems. The European Court of Auditors denounced the inefficiency of public policies aiming to protect pollinators and improving overall environmental conditions and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes [1] [2]. To help improve this situation, BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination features two specialised measures so that policies support pollinators in the medium and long term: The Pollinator Index (Common Agricultural Policy and other policies affecting landscape), and the Pollinator Eco-Scheme (CAP).

Below, you will find two specialised factsheets, each focused on one of these two proposals. They present their main notions, basic functions, objectives and potential of the Pollinator Index and the Pollinator Eco-Scheme.

1) Pollinator Index - A proposal to measure the impact of the Common Agricultural Policy and other policies affecting the landscape:

2) Pollinator Eco-Scheme - A proposal to stimulate beneficial conditions for pollinators within the Common Agricultural Policy:


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