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Bee Celebration - Event at Schuman during the Neonicotinoid Ban Vote

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

The upcoming vote on Neonicotinoids this Friday 27 April is an excellent opportunity for Member States to step up the protection of bees and all pollinators. Thanks to the possible ban on all open-air uses of three neonicotinoids, pollinators may catch a breath of fresh air. Members of the Save the Bees Coalition are now inviting everyone interested in improving bees and pollinators health. One of its participating NGOs, AVAAZ, is inviting you to join the bee party on Schuman this Friday 27 at 8 AM. Be a part of history as citizens join together to ask Member States for improved protection of our friendly pollinators.

Do you wish to participate? You may register directly with AVAAZ to take part of this event. You can also help by sharing photos, videos and our posts on social media. Don't forget to include the hashtag #SavetheBees. We are getting the word out. We have the chance to achieve a milestone towards improved bee protection.

We will join together to tell our representatives this Friday: Healthier environments, healthier bees and stronger ecosystems!

AVAAZ campaign at Schuman roundabout

AVAAZ Invitation:

This Friday, Europe could FINALLY adopt a complete ban on bee killer pesticides. We have been 4.4 million to ask our governments to save the bees - and today we need you ... in person! Join other Avaaz members this Friday morning from 8.30am to 9.30am in the center of Brussels - so that when the delegates decide the fate of the bees, they will not be missed. We will have baskets of flowers and vegetables, makeup artists, costumes, billboards and banners ... and Bernice, our big inflatable bee, who will be the queen of the party! Sign up now to get all the details, and have a good time together.

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