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BeeLife's Recommendations for REFIT Consultation

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With little time left to fill the questionnaire, BeeLife publishes its recommendations for the ongoing Public Consultation on the "REFIT evaluation of the EU legislation on plant protection products and pesticide residues". Both EU and non-EU citizens are welcome to complete the survey. For those who haven't done so already, they must haste to make their voice heard. The consultation is open until Monday, February 12.

*Find some additional comments at the end of the questionnaire.

*Some questions are irrelevant. For instance, question #12 contrasting safety vs competitiveness and the impact on trade, thus setting an inadequate picture of reality, particularly considering that farmers in Europe have all the means to be competitive. Farmers have education, machinery, subsidies, etc. and consumers eager to consume healthier foods. Besides, countries exporting to Europe know that highly contaminated products need to be exported elsewhere in the world because in Europe we prefer "clean" food.

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