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A new documentary explaining the problems of the EU pesticide risk assessment

While the European law requires that no pesticide be allowed on the market unless it has been proven to be safe for human health or the environment, how is it possible that scientific publications blame them for cancers, respiratory diseases, cognitive disorders and other chronic illnesses, as well as adverse environmental effects such as declining insect populations and soil depletion?

A French campaign, in which BeeLife member the Union Nationale de l'Apiculture Française (UNAF) is a partner shows how this paradox is explained by the lack of serious toxicity studies before they are put on the market. At a time when the ecological crisis calls for a change in the agricultural model, it is urgent to transform the pesticide authorization system in order to achieve a healthy agriculture for humans and the environment.

The documentary made by Secrets Toxiques (Toxic Secrets) explains how the current EU pesticide authorisation system is done in France and in Europe and also the urgent need to change the current agricultural system.

You can watch the one-hour movie here (in French with English subtitles).


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