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The Internet of Bees - Sharing Expectations and Experiences with French Beekeepers

IoBee continues its tour around Europe in the form of national workshops to reach and share with local beekeepers and decision-makers among beekeeping associations. This time, in the 3rd IoBee workshop, we were able to share with beekeepers from the Féderation Française des Apiculteurs Professionels (FFAP). Welcomed by the association, our staff introduced French beekeepers to the developments of IoBee and its integration of technological developments to the field. This time, we focused on two key points: the availability of data for individual beekeepers and the importance of gathering data for large-scale decisions.

Thanks to current developments of the IoBee project, monitoring systems are becoming more and more specialised to better listen to what bees can tell us. Separating itself from other systems on the market, IoBee is integrating several devices to achieve improved data collection. The monitoring system includes monitoring developments ranging from bee traffic to applying bioacoustic sensors to monitor colony behaviour and threats. It is a state-of-the-art advancement and a valuable tool for any beekeeper who wishes to better listen to what bees have to say.

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