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MEPs Vote Today on the Future of Bees

The European Parliament is today the setting for one of the most important legislative events for bees in the latest years. MEPs will be voting on a resolution comprising the Report on Prospects and Challenges for the EU Apiculture Sector.

The report includes essential articles as:

"37. Stresses that the long-term effects of systemic plant protection products are underestimated; welcomes the recent adoption of a pilot project for the environmental monitoring of pesticide use through honey bees".

BeeLife not only agrees but insist that long-term exposure of bees to systemic plant protection is a fact. Researchers continue to study long-term effects and should continue to do so by carefully monitoring them in order to assess risks better.

Also, addressing already established directives.

"39. Recalls Directive 2009/128/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21October 2009 establishing a framework for Community action to achieve the sustainable use of pesticides, and in particular its Article 14, which makes it mandatory for all farmers to apply the general principles of integrated pest management on their farms from 2014, and Article 9, which lays down a general ban on aerial spraying";

It is both useful that the report recalls the directive. The correct implementation, which is not the generalised case, could greatly benefit the environment and avoid the already existing levels of contamination found in soil and water. Due to the current lack or partial application of the directive, such recall is necessary.

Today we are hopeful on a YES majority, so bees, other pollinators and their ecosystems are protected. After underwhelming evidence, even reviewed by European entities, MEPs have the chance to help save the bees.


With an outstanding majority, the resolution has been adopted:

Retrieved from MEP's Andrieu Twitter account @EricAndrieuEU

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