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Fighting Glyophosate's dangers

The high popularity of glyphosate-based products has led to an agriculture that incentives its use even when not necessary. 1 in 2 people have been found to contain traces of glyphosate and it has been deemed as "probably carcinogenic" by the World Health Organization.

We are at a moment of possible change however. Citizens have the opportunity to have their voice heard by signing the ECI towards a safer agriculture for all.

You may sign the initiative to ban glyphosate at European level here:

This sums up to other initiatives and efforts towards a ban on dangerous products. At national levels, you may also find the efforts from environmental groups and political parties. At France, Europe Ecologie Les Verts' have introduced an interesting resolution which you may find here. As European Greens has clearly summed up, the resolution in a glance proposes to:

- To forbid the use of pesticides (phyto-sanitarian products, including herbicides, fongicides, etc.) by public authorities (it's the case in France since 1 January 2017);

- To forbid the use of pesticides to non-professionals (it will be the case for France starting from 2019);

- Organic bio-pesticides, bio-fertilisers and bio-fongicides are not concerned by the law;

- The Ministry of Agriculture can authorise the use of the mentioned products in case of emergency (i.e. major infestation).

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