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Does guttation water have interest in beekeeping? A pertinent question


Guttation is the process of excretion of water through plant openings (hydathodes) mainly located at the leaves margins. The hydathodes rarely have a mechanism regulating their opening (unlike other plant openings called stomata). The fluid excreted comes from the xylem network, which enables the movement of raw sap upward from the roots to the leaves, composed of water, minerals (mainly calcium) and organic acids absorbed from the soil. Its sugar content is inappreciable to the bees because it is too diluted (<5%, which is well below the sugar composition of nectar, usually above 30%).

The document includes the following points:

Guttation: some insights into this phenomenon

- The mechanism of guttation

- Conditions favouring guttation

- Bees collecting guttation water

Why guttation water is important for beekeepers when crops are treated with pesticides?

Beekeepers to show whether bees collect guttation water

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