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Joint Press Release - Lorella Tamberi Canal supports the efforts of BeeLife to protect pollinators

Joint Press Release

Lorella Tamberi Canal dedicates its new jewellery collection, BEE QUEEN to pollinator well-being by raising awareness of the issue and supporting the important work of BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination.

15th September 2022 - The Italian jewellery brand, Lorella Tamberi Canal, has decided to donate a percentage of the sales of its Bee Queen collection in support of BeeLife’s efforts to protect and preserve pollinators.

BeeLife thanks Lorella Tamberi Canal for supporting its activities. These donations help us to work towards our ambitions, putting the protection of pollinators on the highest level on the EU agenda. For instance, by reducing the use of hazardous pesticides by 80% by 2030 in Europe or working on the development of the EU Pollinator Hub. We are proud that our work is acknowledged by Ms. Canal, whose beautiful handcrafted Bee Queen jewels are inspiring for all of us.

The Bee Queen collection was created both to raise awareness about the astonishing decline in pollinator populations and to contribute concretely to the protection of these vital creatures. We’re realising this mission through the collaboration with BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination. We hope to help raise more urgent discussion of the topic, in order to inspire people to champion the cause of bees and give them a way to support the extraordinary commitment of BeeLife.

Noa Simón Delso, Scientific Director and Project Manager of BeeLife European Beekeeping had this to say about the new collaboration: “We’re very excited to spread our pollinator message through different market sectors, in this case the jewellery industry. I believe that promoting the beauty of pollinators through highly contemporary and wearable design might shed new light on the subject and attract different perspectives. We are grateful for the contribution Lorella Tamberi Canal Jewels is making to BeeLife.”

Ms. Canal added this, regarding the new collaboration: “The mission of Lorella Tamberi Canal is to continually improve the jewellery’s sustainability through judicious choices regarding process and materials and to contribute to protecting the very Nature that is such a fundamental inspiration to its design. We’re proud and happy to contribute, with the Bee Queen collection, to the important efforts of BeeLife in promoting a more sustainable future for bees and pollinators and their role in ecosystems”.

We see this collaboration as a stepping stone towards a broader social and cultural understanding of bee and pollinator health, a cause that everyone can now contribute to by adorning one of Ms. Canal’s stunning pieces.

About BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination

BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination is an NGO formed by professionals of the beekeeping sector from different countries of the European Union. BeeLife works for the protection of pollinators in Europe, highlighting their value for nature and people. With 25 members from 12 different European countries, BeeLife links policy, science and field observations to promote a more sustainable future for pollinators and their role in ecosystems.

About Lorella Tamberi Canal Jewels

Lorella Tamberi Canal Jewels is an Italian jewellery brand guided by its passion for Italian culture and its love of nature that is depicted in its pieces. The mission of the brand is to continually improve the jewellery’s sustainability. Every piece is conscientiously designed and responsibly handmade in Italy which helps to shorten the supply chain, reduce the carbon footprint, tighten the quality control and ensure the ethical treatment of artisans and goldsmiths working for the brand. Making every piece by hand also contributes to the preservation of traditional jewellery crafting.

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For more information please contact:

BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination: Kata Gócs, Communications Officer, or visit

Lorella Tamberi Canal Jewels: Lorella Tamberi Canal, Owner, or visit


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