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Sign the Petition to Stop Subsidising Industrial Farming!

Campaigning organisation WeMove is gathering signatures for a petition to Stop Subsidising Industrial Farming. WeMove is a member of CAPNGO, an association of NGOs who are working for a more sustainable agriculture system in the EU, in which BeeLife also takes part. Through this petition, WeMove is looking to end financial support from public money to industrial farming, along with the undesired effects it has on the environment. Agriculture intensification presents a significant challenge for environmental health and biodiversity. All over Europe, the increased use of plant protection products such as pesticides, insecticides and other agrochemicals are driving our agricultural production towards unsustainability. These conditions continue to deteriorate environmental conditions and have a direct impact on wildlife. Bees directly confirm these dire conditions, which calls us to steer into a new direction. As their health declines, we can measure that there is something wrong in the environment. Of course, the problem expands beyond bees. "Since 1980, 57% of farmland birds have disappeared. Butterflies, bees and other wild pollinators, responsible for 80% of crop pollination, are also in serious decline" [1]. Unfortunately, the Common Agricultural Policy subsidy system is not only allowing but supporting industrial farming. In a fundamental sense, we remind EU citizens to ask themselves if their public money should be used to finance an unsustainable form of industrial agriculture which negatively affects the environment, wildlife and our health. Now, however, can be the moment of change, having a CAP that is coherent with the Sustainable development goals. As a CAP reform is in preparation, we encourage our readers to sign WeMove's petition asking to STOP SUBSIDISING INDUSTRIAL FARMING!

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