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Slovenian beekeepers at the EU Parliament to protect the bees: a whole country full of Common sense

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

On the 16th of March, the Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association and european deputies from Slovenia organised the event ‘Save the bees’ at the EU Parliament. Slovenian government representatives and a diverse range of stakeholders involved in the EU beekeeping sector were invited to start the day with traditional breakfast and explore a diversity of organic honey. Two initiatives were presented: the honey breakfast project and the initiative to declare 20th of May as the World Day of bees.

Slovenian beekeepers organise an educational and promotional campaign for school called the Honey Breakfast. This occurs on the third Friday of November each year. Aware that most habits are formed in childhood, they start teaching children about the importance of caring for the environment and nature as early as possible.

Bees play an extremely important role in nature. There would be no food or life without bees. Because of that, the slovenian beekeeping association will also propose to the United Nations to declare an official World Bee Day on the 20th of May, birthday of Anton Jansa, pioneer of modern apiculture.

Bee Life fully supports these initiative that raise awareness on the value of bees and apicultural products, healthy lifestyle and local and quality food. This initiative can only be an example for all the European countries and the European union.

Bee Life also fully supports the declaration of a World Day of bees that would draw the world attention on the role of bees for the biodiversity and the possibility to build new farming systems based on the production of healthy food in healthy environment.

Slovenia is the EU country with the largest area of Natura 2000 areas. The country banned all neonicotinoids since 2011. It is clearly at the forefront of measures in favor of bees.

For more info: have a look at the video of the conference

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