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Valmont Becomes a New Donor to Support the Protection of Bees

Updated: Apr 2

A new private actor has joined the group of donors supporting BeeLife's work. Cosmetic company Valmont now helps us carry our work to improve a sustainable future where honeybees and wild pollinators can thrive. Valmont is leading a series of funding schemes with beekeeping and bee promotion initiatives as part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility. In the framework of its Essence of Bees product line, the firm has decided to support our work, setting an example for other companies interested in promoting the protection of honeybees.

Valmong currently funds BeeLife's environmental biomonitoring efforts in the Piedmont region of northeast Italy. These efforts combine noninvasive monitoring tools and observations by a network of beekeepers on the ground to conduct objective analyses of changes in honeybee populations and activities. These efforts become more valuable given the synergies with monitoring and the centralisation and processing of data in the EU Pollinator Hub (

Valmont engaged in donating a percentage of the proceeds from the sales of the Essence of Bees collection (more information available at to BeeLife to support the environment.

BeeLife - Valmont collaboration

Are you inspired by this story and wish to seek new CSR opportunities for your organisation? BeeLife is open to discussing further corporate social responsibility collaborations and donation schemes. Please find more information in our presentation document below and contact us at or through our Contact webpage.


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