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Insights on Internships at BeeLife by Charlotte Ehrmann

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

At BeeLife, we believe in the talent and motivation of people and as part of our internships programme, we strive to help them grow and get the most out of their time and effort. We offer our interns a stimulating, even if remote, experience full of professional challenges in a friendly environment where teamwork and a collaborative spirit come first. We continue a series of internship insights (read about Flavia Hayes’s experience) with our latest rising star, Charlotte Ehrmann, a highly motivated young professional specialising in international and EU environmental law who recently concluded her internship at BeeLife.

Charlotte was kind enough to share about her experience at BeeLife:

As a master’s student in International and European Environmental Law, I was determined to find an internship that aligned with both my personal and professional interests. BeeLife proved to be the perfect fit for me. This small but impactful NGO is driven by ambitious, committed and benevolent individuals, and I immediately knew I would feel supported throughout my internship. BeeLife's mission to protect pollinators at the EU level resonated with my passion for environmental conservation, further motivating me to choose this opportunity.

I learned many lessons during my internship. First of all, I gained valuable insights into the role of NGOs and the importance of stakeholder engagement in shaping environmental regulations. I also discovered the challenges and complexities in advocating for sustainable practices at the EU level. I understood the importance of having a multidisciplinary team with different backgrounds to overcome those challenges.

Charlotte Ehrmann

My time at BeeLife has significantly advanced my career prospects. I now possess a comprehensive understanding of the legislation in the field of environmental law, particularly in relation to pesticide and chemicals EU law. I have gained a deeper understanding on the entire process of how political decisions and environmental regulations are formulated, from proposition to implementation. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to extent my professional network.

My experience with the team was exceptional. The BeeLife team is motivated, empathetic, and adept at teaching. The diverse backgrounds of team members offered a rewarding and complementary experience, and I learned valuable lessons from each of them. I felt that each person had its own place and importance in the team.

Perhaps the most significant challenge during my internship was completing important reports on time, given their intellectual, political, and scientific complexity. With the team, we resolved it by being close-knit and by helping each other as much as possible.

I’ve always been interested and fascinated by biodiversity, but thanks to BeeLife, especially to Noa and Cindy’s teaching, I now possess a better scientific understanding of pollinators, their functions, and their vulnerability to pesticides and GMOs. This experience has increased my sensitivity to their importance within our agroecosystem. I’ve also learned a lot on the beekeeping sector.

I sincerely recommend an internship at BeeLife to anyone who is ambitious, autonomous, and willing to learn. The variety of tasks assigned during the internship allows for the development of various skills, helping individuals discover their professional interests. Additionally, BeeLife's extensive network across Europe offers opportunities to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, including those from the European institutions. The team is very supportive; if you have an idea or project that aligns with BeeLife's mission, they will undoubtedly help you make it happen!

Thank you BeeLife’s team, I hope we'll have the opportunity to work together again in the future!

Charlotte Ehrmann


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