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BeeLife Publishes its Ideal Shaping of the EU's Pollinator Initiative

As the EU Public consultation on its Pollinator Initiative has closed, BeeLife publishes its document 'Ideal Shaping of the EU Pollinator Initiative - Input from the European Beekeeping Sector'. BeeLife sent the document to the European Commission as part of its official response to the Public Consultation and is now making it available to the public.

The document presents the ideal outcome of the developing pollinator initiative from the European beekeepers' point of view, hoping to address issues surrounding pollinators health coming from environmental conditions. After providing its Recommendations to fill the now-closed survey, BeeLife takes a step further and provides an insight into the logic which it hopes the Commission takes into account for the shaping of the initiative.

There is a significant plurality of voices calling on their expected outcomes for the initiative. The Commission has received over 66.000 responses for their consultation from all over Europe, achieving a better overall perspective of the pollinators' problems and the opportunities to overcome them.

EU Environment tweet on pollinator initiative consultation results

BeeLife's Ideal Shaping document introduces its readers to the current situation of biodiversity loss, including the need for a holistic approach. As well, it includes measures and logic for a better invasive species control, policy efficacy verification, plant breeding and its required effects, pesticides and veterinary products control and improved management, and the future of the Common Agricultural Policy.

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