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Neonicotinoids Risk to Bees is Confirmed by the EFSA

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has just published their report presenting the conclusions for risk assessment on neonicotinoids. The administration has done the scientific review, and its results are conclusive: Neonicotinoids pose a risk to bees.

"For all the outdoor uses of these substances, there was at least one aspect of the assessment indicating a high risk, leading to the conclusion that overall these neonicotinoids represent a risk to bees."

BeeLife's President Francesco Panella celebrated the conclusions. "The beekeepers were not incapable or crazy, the dangers of neonicotinoids were more than obvious decades ago, and today's scientific analysis shows what beekeepers have been denouncing since the commercialisation of these systemic insecticides about 30 years ago: neonicotinoids pose enormous, unacceptable risks for bees, pollinators and other invertebrates".

After today's publication, the ball is now in the court of decision makers, and we are rooting for them to take the right decision: ban these dangerous insecticides and help save the bees.

Read the full documents:

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